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And then comes Ubuntu

Posted in geeky, Uncategorized by lrobison on February 9, 2006

ubuntu logoDisclaimer: this post is not really about me at all, but about my break-up with gentoo. If you don’t care about linux, don’t bother reading it. If you are scared of linux, install ubuntu.

I ran gentoo linux on my laptop (Dell 600m) for the last year or so, and while it was fun, and moderatly easy, there were several hardware things that just didn’t work. Recently I updated my gentoo kernel, and broke all wireless drivers. The whole point of the kernel upgrade was to improve my chances of getting direct rendering working, but that didn’t work either. Just because I could, I tried downloading gentoo’s suspend2 sources, a kernel with the primary objective to get suspend working in linux. Well, guess what, that didn’t work either. Last night I finally got fed up with gentoo not working, and decided to download the new debian-based Ubuntu. (Just a side note, ubuntu might have been the fastest off-campus thing i’ve ever downloaded, as I hit a full 1000Kps using the torrent).

The next morning I didn’t want to do my homework due later that day, so I decided to burn the CD and install. The whole process of backing up, installing, and restoring took a little over an hour. On the first boot I had sound, direct rendering, wireless drivers (including a wireless manager), acpi events (lid close turns off screen), and even 2 levels of suspend!!! I had spent a total of over 40 hours trying to get those things all working at the same time on gentoo, and had failed. Ubuntu came up with them all fresh out of the box. Way to go ubuntu. It was nice gentoo, but its time for me to move on.

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  1. elissa said, on February 9, 2006 at 20:52


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