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Long Time

Posted in San Antonio, UT by lrobison on February 23, 2006

Its been a while since any personal posts. I don’t think i want to turn this into a tech blog, so i’ll probably keep it to personal things from now on, except for the possibility of interesting projects. Or maybe i should start a second blog for that….

Well, I can’t find my own camera, so after giving back my parents i have nothing to take pictures with. So sad. I’ll have to steal Elissa’s camera to take a picture of the sweet necklace she gave me. My old one broke when I was playing with it (made of fishing line). This one on the other hand is made by ingenious hippies, who decided the core of the necklace should be made out of the same stuff they use to support bidges: steel twine. I think I’m more likely to hang myself on this rather than break it.

You know what sucks? My girlfriend getting mono. I really feel bad for her, with all her normandy work, being perpetually tired is not what she needs right now. If it weren’t for studying in the same room and eating together I don’t think I would ever get to talk to her. We are both swamped with work. I’m taking 18 hours and she has the Normandy Scholars program.  And on top of that, I wish Rex (the ex bf) wouldn’t complicate her life by giving her a guilt trip over his own mistakes.

Elissa and I decided to go to San Antonio to visit my parents last week. I think everyone got along. Looks like my parents like her and she likes my parents. I told them both they would. It made me happy that she wanted to get to know them.

Mom made Grandma Robison’s famous buttermilke pie, and we all just about died of pleasure. I now have the recipie, so this weekend I plan on trying my hand.

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