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Carothers kitchen sadness

Posted in food, school, UT by lrobison on February 25, 2006

I got all the stuff for the infamous buttermilk pie from H-E-B tonight, but when I asked for the key to the kitchen, Kendra informed me that the RA’s had ‘lost’ it – or someone has stolen it. If it weren’t so agonizingly hard to get into the kitchen this might be amusing to me. I mean, someone is going to great lengths to protect the contents of that kitchen, but it’s time to tell them that everything thats not nailed down is already gone. Give it up already!

Well the HEB trip wasn’t completly in vain. I now am the proud owner of the cheapest 12-cup coffee pot ever. cheaper even than the cheapest 4-cup pot. And just in time too. I’m supposed to be doing a loooooot of EE316 work this weekend (and i mean a LOT… craig!) . Even now I’m sipping coffee and waiting for its magic powers to enable me to work well into this friday night.

Ah yes friday night. The one night we all get to forget about school, and just party hard. Except for me, as I’m doing EE work. Oh, and Mike too. And Jeremy was already in bed at midnight. Oh, and Elissa went to sleep a half hour ago. Alex is planning on getting up at 7am, so hes in bed too. Looks like bryan has either been asleep for 4 hours or working on some OS project. Oh ya – we really live it up here at UT. Well, time to get crackin on that EE work…

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  1. elissa said, on February 25, 2006 at 12:00

    we will have to find an ex-robber who knows how to pick a lock and infiltrate that kitchen… because, DANG IT, I WILL HAVE THAT PIE. even if my throat hurts so bad we have to blend it and give it to me with a straw.

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