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Carothers Kitchen: revisited

Posted in dorm, food, school, UT by lrobison on March 4, 2006

buttermilk pie

Originally uploaded by knobbyknees.

We finally got into the kitchen last week, turns out the muffin man accidently locked the key in the kitchen and then skipped town to dallas. So on the monday after he got back I was able to get in and make some pie. But instead of the scrumptious pie I had come to know and love from my family’s cooking, I ended up making a healthy, low-sugar version of the pie. I had forgotten to to double the sugar when I doubled the rest of the recipie. So next time I get time I have to save face by making a new, better, correct pie. Classes have been ruling my life lately, so I’ll probably be making it after spring break.

current schedule:
Thursday – Networks Test
Friday – Spanish test
Friday:Saturday – Visit Elissa and hit the galveston beach
Sunday:Monday – Visit SA
Rest of Spring Break: Electrical Engineering work (the evil EE316 class)

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  1. elissa said, on March 4, 2006 at 20:29

    the unhealthy caramel topping was friggin’ delicious, though. good save.

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