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Spring Break: the ultimate study break

Posted in San Antonio, school, UT by lrobison on March 17, 2006

today’s accomplishments:

  • drive to austin
  • get parking ticket
  • reduce parking ticket to a warning with my charming good looks
  • see demolished mobile home blocking traffic for 7 miles
  • search (without success) dorm for camera
  • take and pass two EE tests (yay!)
  • find another route home to avoid said 7miles of traffic
  • search (without success) home for camera
  • completely give up on ever finding that camera
  • decide i’m going to play pool with erik
  • end up at a coffee shop with no clue of where the pool hall is
  • sipped a latte while chatting with an old friend (*flicks wrist*)
  • missed being killed by only 3 feet due to female driver

… its been a full day

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  1. universityofnowhere said, on March 17, 2006 at 8:29

    Spring Break is from 10 to 14 April here. Very short.

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