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Posted in San Antonio by lrobison on March 29, 2006

I’ve been playing phone and email tag with several people from Southwest Research Institue (SwRI) over the last week or so while trying to get a job. I just got the final call today. I have job!!!! A good one too. I’ll be doing programming, probably some little python projects, possibly a proof of concept thing. yaaaaaay!

My life has been a lot more normal since I dropped EE316. I still have spanish to worry about, and I’m kind of fretting over the Graphics test, but all in all I think I’m finally managing to get up to a solid A-B average. Its about time I make up those first 2 semesters. Elissa keeps life interesting, and provides me with daily breakfast company after my 8am class, even when she doesn’t have any classes that day. Today was the first day all semester we didn’t eat breakfast together i think: she had to go to some office hours.

I saw V for Vendetta at the draft house. Nothing better than spending quality time with elissa, a milkshake, and natalie portman. I wasn’t sure what to expect from V. Its gotten a lot of mixed reviews, but I have to say it was an interesting plot with good characters – and natalie portman was amazing as always. The Drafthouse was kind enough to show SNL’s natalie portman rap video just before the movie started. I thought that was a good addition.

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  1. elissa said, on March 29, 2006 at 23:56

    your random proper and then improper use of capitalization is astounding.

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