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Posted in geeky by lrobison on April 18, 2006

My laptop hard drive just crashed last night. completely dead.
It started with a whiring clicking sound, thats when i got suspicious. I scrambled to back up my project, but all file accesses just hung forever, waiting for a response from the HD. then the system froze. I tried to reboot, but was faced with “No bootable devices found”.
Now I have to restart my graphics project. I’ve lost my recently written memory debugger, and lots and lots of other small utilities. I think other than programming i don’t even care about anything else that was on there. Except my private GPG key. Which brings up an interesting point: If your GPG key is on a hard drive that crashed, any emails/file encoded with it went down with the hard drive. So how do you keep a private, yet redundant copy of a GPG key? i guess more hard drives… maybe a raid1. This is my second laptop harddrive to crash, although the first one gave me more time to save stuff. I should really learn to be more religous about my backups.

On the plus side:
i use IMAP, no emails are lost
I copy projects to the CS servers for testing and submission, no old cs code was lost
my important pictures are on flickr

so really the only things I cared about loosing were the other pictures not posted to flickr, and the CS projects that i had not yet completed. The utilities that i had laying around (like that fancy new memory debugger) will also be missed.

Daddy always told me to backup. Moral of the story is listen to your dad.

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  1. elissa said, on April 20, 2006 at 13:51

    jesus and the devil get into a bet: who can code a graphics project fastest? they code and code, for three days they code continuously. at the very end, right when they were almost done, a huge storm approached. kapow! lightning and thunder! their computer monitors flickered, then the power shut off. the devil groaned: “there goes all of my hard work!” but jesus flicked his computer back on and wrote the last line. “how did you do that?” gasped the devil.

    “jesus saves.”

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