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Posted in Houston by lrobison on June 25, 2006

Now that i’m in the grove at work I’ve been able to spend more time with friends on weekends and even weekdays (after 5 of course!). Two weeks ago I got to catch up with Matt and Eric from my highschool days, and last week I met up with Steven from ITSA (highschool), everyone is doing fine, and its good to see them all moving up in the world. Since they’ve been in san antonio this whole time they stayed more in touch with the high school guys and its sad to hear about how some of them really aren’t doing much… just kinda working, no plans for the future.

This weekend though I was able to drive up to Houston to visit Elissa and watch Kasey from the Texas Renegade Band play at some bar in the area. I hadn’t really talked to Kasey all last year, and it was fun to see what he was up to. He graduates this coming December. College is flying by it seems and the Real World is looking less and less menacing.

I also saw Coco in Houston. Hes up to the same old mischeif and mayhem at the office where he works, and we swaped stories of how much cooler our jobs were than the other. ( I still think the fact that we had a party with 5 coolers of beer and lots and lots of tamales wins). Then we went to harass a cute waitress I know of that works at Julie Victoria Cafe and get a bite to eat. Elissa had to deal with us for a full hour and we didn’t even get her fired or anything.

Random lessons for the weekend:

  • Steve Martin should stick to comedy, Shop Girl was boring and not funny.
  • IH-10 has almost no cops between Houston and San Antonio
  • my car still gets 30mpg even when averaging 85mph for 3 hours straight

and random programming lesson:

  • you can’t open files larger than 2G using only a 32bit integer.

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  1. elissa said, on June 26, 2006 at 11:35

    you are such a nerd.

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