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mmm beeeer

Posted in college, San Antonio by lrobison on July 5, 2006

The Gangso now I’m 21. My birthday (the 3rd) was on a monday, and the following day was the 4th so it was a holiday for everyone, meaning I had a perfect set up for a party. People leave after work on monday, party monday night, and go home after sleeping in on tuesday. So I invited the whole crowd, and most of them made it. Mike even drove all the way down from Decatur (TX) way up north. The best part of the night was in no way the alcohol. Sure that made it fun, loosened us up and all that, but the best part was the friends. We had a blast talking and making jokes around the bonfire, cutting down dead trees with the axe, shooting fireworks at each other. We spent almost the whole night outside, and alex nearly killed us with an ‘artillery shell’ that he dropped in the middle of our seats. The blast sprayed pretty blue fire 10 feet in all directions, but we scattered fast enough that no one got hurt. The pully on my treehouse was also a big hit, and jeremy thought he could lift himself up by putting his foot in one loop and pulling on the other, but the effect was more like catching an animal in a trap, and he quickly was flipped upside down with his foot in the air. Everyone laughed at him, and elissa decided to prove he was an idiot by doing it the right way, but she failed equally spectacularly. The entire night was filled with laughs, and i think the group picture captures it perfectly. The next morning no one was too hung over, we were mostly just tired, so we napped and watched the shuttle launch and napped and watched the world cup until everyone had gone home. It was the best 4th of july ever

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