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Posted in college, San Antonio by lrobison on August 7, 2006

After Ultimate Frisbee I was starving and a hookah sounded nice, so i slipped on down to the number one SA hookah bar cafe: Shisha’s. I looked around for anyone sitting alone when i got there (hooking alone is just boring) but didn’t see anyone, but after I got my oh-so-yummy falafel wrap this girl came up and asked if I was eating alone and if I wanted company. I joined her at her table with and was introduced to some new friends: Pricilla (the friendly girl) and her two cohorts Chis and Joscelyn. Turns out we are all bored here and San Antonio, and we are all moving up to Austin for school on the 19th (actually pricilla is going to Baylor). We talked for probably 2 hours just about random people and UT and austin, and eventually come to the conclusion that we should have a going-off-to-austin party next week. It was such a random event meeting 3 people and becoming good friends because we all felt so bored in San Antonio. It really made my week to find more people like me in San Antonio, especially people I can hang out with in Austin too. Anyways, I’m happy and (somehow) not quite tired yet (work starts in 7.5 hours). New friends are so cool

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  1. amelia said, on August 7, 2006 at 21:27

    Lucky you! How’s the heat wave? Don’t work too hard.

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