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Posted in random, Uncategorized by lrobison on August 31, 2006

I moved up to UT this year in a Honda Odessey that my family has been ‘borrowing’ from my grandma, and I’ve decided the alure of a sports car is very much gone for me… I’d rather have the spacious headroom and ability to take friends over fast small cars (like my saturn that actually rubs on my head). I don’t think i’ve quite filled up the van with people yet, but I’ve already hauled around things for my apartment, and been asked by others to help with furniture and also bike moving.

Anyways, back to austin means back to friends. Everyone is here (‘cept coco for some absurd reason). Its fun visiting peoples places and seeing how they are living. I’m also curious to see if our sleeping arangements are going to work out in my apartment. So far we’ve all kept similar schedules that it doesn’t matter if we have a seperate study room or not, but homework will be coming up soon. To start the year off we through a party and it was a big hit i think, I even met one of the intro Turing Scholar students at the party before I got to meet all of them at the welcome meeting. I think the guy was a friend of clay who was a friend of mike… or something, but he ended up at our place that night. It was funny when he recognized me at the welcome meeting, I think he was hesitant to say we had seen each other at a party. He said “didn’t i meet you two days ago” and when i said party he kinda looked side to side to see if its kosher to say in the middle of all the CS nerds

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  1. elissa said, on September 24, 2006 at 20:54

    yeah, but you’re so hot when you drive stick. just sayin’.

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