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Its been a while

Posted in apartment, college, UT by lrobison on September 10, 2006

The dust is clearing as the school year picks up speed. some noteable occurences, in no paticular order (loose reverse chronological)

  • Longhorns loose against the buckeyes. a sad day indeed.
  • I dropped spanish and added government. I didn’t need the spanish class, it was for my own benifit, but I realized that one more semester of spanish is really only going to translate into extra 6 months before I forget it all. Its cynical i know, but its true since my memory sucks. This also has the side effect of clearing friday of any classes. wooho!
  • I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Alamo Draft House. They put on quite a show and made what is truely a terribly-good movie well…. terrible yet so so good.
  • Grandma turned 66. I visted her in New Braunsfels, and somehow got elissa to come along. twas fun.
  • We threw a party to let everyone know where we are and to see all our friends again. it was a success and we had about 50 people here over the course of the night. A large percentage of the people were females we hadn’t met before. Mission Accomplished.
  • We attended Rob-Andrew-Fritz’s house party soiree. They have a three story duplex and a gehto couch. thats all i have to say about that.
  • Jess Andrew and I went drinking at Nasty’s bar and win the Miller contest for a new man law: “A man may admit to being less than 6 feet or less than 6 inches, but not both”. The result was a pitcher of Miller after we had already downed 2 pitchers of Shiner. so we basically had a pitcher each. weeeeee!
  • John invited everyone to go tubing with him on the comal in New Braunsfels. Only Elissa and I took up the offer, but we were joined by brian later. Oh tubing, how i love thee.
  • I’m helping a grad student do some pointer analysis research by getting some things to compile in his environment. I might try to get on some of Lorenzo’s distributed systems. those sound interesting.

Well with all that out of my system, maybe I’ll go back to regular updates. First thing on my list, take pictures of the apartment next time its clean (expect that after we move out).

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