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Posted in Uncategorized by lrobison on October 25, 2006

Time to catch up again. Classes are more manageable after I finished helping Lin’s grad student with the pointer analysisSony Aibo dogs for robotics stuff. Robotics still tries to eat up all my days, but I’ve been doing well in the projects. Unfortunately I’m not looking forward to the test in Robotics tomorrow, I’ve seen last year’s midterm, and its a lot of math.. and i never took the Differential Equations pre-req. Really I just need to memorize all the models and controller types… and pray they don’t have Kalman filters on the test. EE316 is boring as always, but i’m making progress. I just had a Operating Systems test that I felt pretty good about, even though it was a tough exam.

Heres some good news: I got a bike! Heres some bad news: my bike was stolen! all within the course of a week. stuipd lock.

On the recreational front, the planned camping trip was dismissed due to a high forcast of ambivalence and homework from both House RiO and House Cedar. Too bad too, since the weather was an amazing 65 degrees. This week its rainy and a little warmer. We were welcoming the cold weather over here at my apartement since we’ve mostly been without A/C last few weeks. We’ve managed by opening windows on the cooler days, but the computer room stays a stuffy 10 degrees hotter than anything else.

Texas 63, Baylor 31 Last week I made it to the Baylor game for a little school spirit. Looks like thats the only game i’ll be going to since we couldn’t get tickets to the A&M v UT game. Oh well, plans are to watch it at my aunt’s house on her big screen. Or if worse comes to worse my college could beat my brother’s college on our not-so-big-screen tv.

I think i’ve finally managed to wrangle in the roomates on kitchen usage. It has stayed clean for a full 48 hours now (by clean I mean it doesn’t have dirty dishes staking up in the sink, and no containers left out). Now if i can only get all the dishes back into the kitchen after they are done using them rather than leaving them lying around the computers.

I finally found a good full-sized trackball mouse (rather than the thumb-balls) at the goodwill computer store. I had to download a driver for it to work, and mouse was poorly labed as to who made it, but 30 minutes later my pointer is flying across the screen at my fingertips.

thats all for now kids, come back next time to witness the Halloween adventures of batman and robin ;-)

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