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Been a while

Posted in Uncategorized by lrobison on December 12, 2006

I haven’t gotten around to updating this thing in a while, but its right before finals, and you know how much I hate studying, so here I am writing an update.  I spent the last few weeks of school trying to catch up on EE316, while still having time to complete my Robotics and Operating Systems projects.  Contrary to my post mid-term opinion about robotics (i got ~50%), I think I might pull an A in that  class since I’m doing great on the projects. Operating Systems looks like its going to be a B, since Lorenzo’s tests are pretty hard.  My current standing in EE is an 80, so as long as I do better than that on the final, I can keep that at a B.  Mostly I’m just waiting for this semester to be over so I can get on with things.  Tests seem so much like a formality that shouldn’t really matter… but they do so I must study.

The apartment is becoming quite a mess lately.  Well, not really lately… I mean its kinda been around for a while now.  John said he was afraid the black stuff around the toilet jump up and eat him when he visited yesterday. I guess I can’t really blame Elissa for not wanting to spend too much time at my place.  Thats okay, I make up for it by spending all my spare time at hers. Unfortunatly I’ve been sick lately and don’t want to get her sick right before finals, so we’ve been interacting through text interfaces… sms, email, chat.

wow, I really haven’t updated in quite a while have I? I think I forgot to do a halloween post, so i’ll close with some pictures of Elissa and I as Robin and Batman (respectively).
robin is sexy

100% all natural (costumes)

and for added cuteness… a squirrel
why hello there

and my dog, because hes cool, and wants to come go to college with me
i think jake wants to follow me back to austin

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