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Posted in Houston, looong, San Antonio by lrobison on January 14, 2007

Last semester ended well for me all things considering. I got an A in Robotics and Programming Languages, and a B in Gov, EE316, and OS’es. My original plan was to take the first class of the EE sequence this coming semester, but i found out two days ago that i need a prerequisite physics class, which also has a prerequisite that i don’t have. after running around to different advising offices, i finally ended up with a waiver for the first prereq, and now i’m going to take the second prereq. Its more classes than I thought i would have to take for the EE sequence, and i think it has discouraged mike from doing it with me, but considering the signal processing focus of the classes and how well it lines up with my internship at SwRI, I felt it best to go for it. So, my class linup now looks like Linguistics, DiffEQs, Physics of Optics and Electricity, Ruby 101 (for fun), and yet another (required… *sigh*) government class.

But who wants to hear about my class schedule? I didn’t think so. Winter break is much more interesting. My family gave Elissa a true Christmas, complete with church, Jesus, and finally presents. Elissa enjoyed the shiny red tea kettle i got her, while Dad and I played with (and promptly broke) dad’s new, cheap RC helicopter. All the while Travis was waging epic wars with the game I gave him. Elissa had so much fun and enjoyed my company so much that she decided to invite me to the Buddhist new year’s service which she loathes going to every year. It was a learning experiance to be sure. I knew Buddhists don’t look to an almighty for strength in life, but I didn’t realize how much chanting played a role, to the point where Christians would refer to it as “god in a bottle”. The service was a string of people telling how they had gotten their wishes because they had chanted well enough or something like that. Of course it wasn’t all talking. There were 40 year old asian housewives trying to rap, a 50 year old guy dancing his heart out to James Brown’s “I feel good” (james brown had died like 4 days earlier at the time), and two black guys rapping about chanting every day. The arguably best part of the whole service was watching Elissa and (her sister) Chieko try to endure the service by poking fun at people and sending notes back and forth. After new year’s day I hung around as long as i could before Elissa and her family took off for Hawaii. We watched movies and went to art shows and hung out with her old friends and coco until finally I drove home just in time to see Lilia (who had been staying with my family for about 6 months) the morning she took off to return to Colombia.

The remaining days in San Antonio were spent with Javi and Andy or at Shisha’s Cafe, or fixing/playing on Travis’ computer. Travis informed me that the PVK II Beta was out. Back in the day (read: high school) my friends and I would play Pirates Vikings and Knights all day long through classes, whenever the teacher wasn’t looking we were playing. The ridiculousness of it all made the game hilarious. Pirates would be bouncing around with a swagger in their step and a barrel of gunpowder in their arms, and knights would be heaving around these huge broad-swords, while berserking vikings would be running this way and that with battle axes flailing. I’m glad I’m finally able to play it again and its brings back great memories. The new version is just as ridiculous as the last, but now with ragdall physics! how fun.

Thats all for now folks. The forcast says we have a 100% chance of precipitation, and a high of 32, so I hope I’ll be able to really see some snow, and hopefully go parking-garage-sledding. Don’t worry, I’ll take pictures.

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  1. Flatman said, on January 21, 2009 at 18:29


    I am taking a course curiously similar to EE316 at UTA this semester. I was wondering if you had any other notes or helpful hints/items that you could pass along? I would really appreciate it.



  2. lrobison said, on January 21, 2009 at 18:42


    Well if your class really is the same as mine, then to pass the units, you are required to have a perfect score on each unit test. If you fail one, you are required to do all the problems before taking the test again. It is very worth it to review those problems, and actually do every other or every third one, this makes you much more likely to pass the test and not be forced to do all the problems – which is time lost. Thats the only insightful advice I have. Other than that its pretty standard: stick to the schedule, do more work the first half of the semester because you have more time… etc.

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