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first days of class

Posted in college, UT by lrobison on January 19, 2007

The weekend is here, and I’ve had Thursday and Friday classes.  But since Thursday morning was cancelled, and two of my MWF classes don’t have F classes, I don’t feel like I know how my semester is going to go.  The Physics I think should be fun.  We walked in to him playing Metallica on the room’s sound system, and he kept telling random stories and wanting to “shoot the shit” during his office hours.  Differential Equations is going to be a tough class, but it’s tought by a hilarious guy that reminds me of Jack Sigler from back home (in his early 80s, random, Texan).  Linguistics is already interesting, and the professor seems okay, but the classmates will be the most entertaining.  There is one anoying girl, one funny/interesting lady (in her 50s), and of course the lovely Elissa who will be helping me with my papers :-).

Now on to the possibly-more-interesting-but-definatly-sadder news.  My car was broken into last night.  someone tried to steal my radioThey tried to steal the radio, but only ended up smashing the center console and breaking things.  The cops did their little CSI thing, but didn’t get any good fingerprints from my car or the other truck who suffered the same fate.  repairs on the glass are already amounting to just under $200, and the console will never quite fit right again methinks.  They bent out the 1/4″ steel harness that holds the radio and A/C controls… I’m not sure i can bend it back with the tools I have.  I might have to have it fixed… probably a another couple hundred >:(.  I could have bought them 2 new radios for that much.

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