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Posted in Uncategorized by lrobison on March 21, 2007

heh, last post was “first day of class” and now its already past spring break. Time does fly. The last half-semester has been mostly un-eventful. Mike, Arvind and I found a duplex to live in next year. The rent per person is about $515 a month, which is much higher than this years $300/mo. future kitchenI’ve been more aware of how i spend my money since i found that out. Oh, speaking of money. I had my check card information stolen. Turns out Bank of America is really quite good at making sure i don’t really loose any money in the long run, and they’ve refunded everything they took. The sucky part was that the guy pulled my account down past a zero balance, and i couldn’t really use my account for a few days until it “posted” and then i could actually make a claim to their “fraudulent losses department” or whatever its called, then that night they refunded my money. i was out of money for about a week, but luckily i could call a few loans from my roommates and get some cash.

My spring break was nice and relaxing. I spent the week playing games and doing a little studying, and hanging out with Elissa a lot. We went to enchanted rock state park on Thursday to get out of the city. I wanted to take elissa camping, since she has never spent the night in a tent or made breakfast on a campfire, but of course the park was all booked up. We had to make do with just a day trip, and by the end of the day we were tired anyways, so it was fine. I couldn’t quite convince elissa to go into the cave, but i did get her to try a little rock climbing. Well, rock jumping really. Unfortunately she can’t quite jump as far as i can, so she took a short fall and I felt terrible X_X (don’t worry, shes fine). prickly pear cactus and elissa

Since my ruby class is gone, (it only lasted half a semester) my most interesting class now is linguistics i think. I mean math and physics are interesting occasionally, but for the most part i don’t care. And the only reason linguistics is fun, is because i chose ham radio lingo as my research topic on my most recent paper (due the day after tomorrow, ack!). Every time i read much about hams, i really want to get a license and become one… but I think its just a passing fancy. I enjoy radio communication, and always have since the day i bought a $20 radio at RadioShack so i could talk to my next door neighbor after our parents had told us to come home for the night, course it really didn’t work well at all, but that didn’t matter. I imagine if I ever decided to use a ham radio, i would want to make one from a kit, and then only operate the CW (morse) modes. Because thats what a Real Man would do. Or maybe write some digital to analog software, or some of my own beam steering stuff. That might be fun.

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