Luke’s Life

Day 1

Posted in apartment by lrobison on April 24, 2007

A new menace has made itself known to our House.  We only have had only one quick glimpse if the foul creature, but you can feel its presence in the air.  Its stench is terrible to be sure, but the noise its deadly claws make is sobering:  a sound like the scratching on the gates of Hell itself.  For now it satisfies itself by solely waiting and watching.  Observing our every move.  Plotting.  I can feel its eyes upon me this very minute, bearing down with a cold stare as black as death, though I know not where it is.  We have seen signs of it in our food, but it only becomes so bold at night when even the good warm sun is afraid to come out for fear of angering the evil animals that claim sovereignty over night.  Mike of the Warrior Clan was able to sight it this evening just after the sun had set, and darkness was closing around us.  It had perched itself high in our food stores, and was making a snack when it found itself cornered by Mike.  Rather than quivering in cowardice like most animals of Earth, this creature fearlessly leapt from its pearch, screeching like some horrible bat and bearing its sharp claws.  I believe it possess some sort of black magic or witch craft, for at that very moment, Mike the Brave was taken over by the spirit of that foul beast, and forced to copy the actions of its now soulless body.  With a look of helplessness, Mike also jumped up in to the air, clumsily baning into objects around him and screeching in loud high voice.  In this moment of confusion, the creature slipped away into the shadows.  Surely we must be more careful when attempting to confront this creature in the future, who knows what other power it may wield.

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