Luke’s Life

“It” returns

Posted in Uncategorized by lrobison on May 28, 2007

Four long days of waiting and listening. Our enemy, that foul beast, waits and plots. We only hear him at night, scurrying and scratching in the walls. No doubt planning our doom. But we did not waste our time either. Traps were set, plans were made, and all our energy was put into the day we would meet again. We bought four sticky traps, and two small spring traps. Signs that he too was plotting against us were hard to miss: traps would be moved or sprung with no sign of our prey. We took careful steps through our kitchen, ever wary of the constant danger.

Finally he messed up. We knew he would, and we were ready. His screech of surprise brought us running to the kitchen, where both his hind legs were stuck to the trap we laid between the microwave and the stove. We jumped into action, but had nothing to protect us from his two yellow teeth or his sharp claws. We needed to find something to put him in. As we searched the room for a box, the rat whipped the trap around, pulling it by his front paws and stuck it firmly to the microwave that was, seconds earlier, only an inch from his face. Now facing the edge of the counter, he stretched himself out by climbing along the microwave cord, hand over hand, until he could just grasp the edge of the counter with the ends of his claws. With the trap stuck to the microwave behind him and his arms outstretched in front of him, he had the leverage he needed to free himself. By the time we sprinted back to the kitchen with a cardboard box, all we saw was a tail whipping into the hole behind the stove and a few hairs left on a trap still stuck to the microwave.  This wasn’t over yet

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