Luke’s Life

In which Luke Describes Various Events that Transpired During Christmas Break

Posted in Uncategorized by lrobison on January 12, 2008

26 Feet TallGood news everyone! After 3 days of planning, building, lifting, repairing and finally lowering, we managed to fix our pump! Water is again flowing to the Robison house, and in time for out News years party too! My mom’s birthday is new years eve, which is also the birthday of a long time family friend about her age as well, so when New Year’s rolls around we always end up planning a party and having lots of people over. This year it was at our house, and about 8 families came plus some kids our age for a total of around 30 people. We had a a great time, but didn’t end up setting up any firecrackers, since its been a pretty dry winter in San Antonio. In fact, I drove over to our old friends the Ramos’ during the night to say hi at their party, and on my way back I had to jump out of my car to help some people beat aWater Derrick grass fire away from an abandoned house! The next day I could see that the fire had burned about 2 acres around the house, but we stopped it about 10 feet away from the foundation. I noticed many charred spots around town in the days following New Years, the biggest was probably 20 Acres of solid black charred grass. It must have been quite a sight when it was on fire.

When I wasn’t working on water derricks or hosting parties at our house, I could generally be found out with friends around town. I went out to Shisha’s quite a few times with Eric and Matt, visited the Flying Saucer Bar once (still the best beer bar I’ve been to yet), and even met one of my old ITSA friends at a place called Tonic. Now, the night at Tonic was quite a story in it self, with mystery, intrigue (which is really just the same as mystery right?), and 400 pound bouncers. I call it “The Case of the Missing Keys”.

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