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Twitter, Anyone?

Posted in Uncategorized by lrobison on January 13, 2008
So in our boredom arvind, caroline and I all got Twitter accounts.  Since I don’t have any real friends on twitter, I though I might see if there is anyone else who reads this blog and uses twitter.  For those of you not familiar with the Twitter application, its basically “micro blogging”.  You are expected to update once a day or more, but each update is only 140 characters.  Which sounds pretty boring, except that you can blog from your phone while you are out and about, which leads to very random interesting posts.  So far we know we will be cataloging all of Mike’s weird quotes, and probably professor quotes as well.  (which I already do, just on the side of my notes where no one else gets to enjoy them).  And what would blogging from your phone be without getting updates from your phone?  Needless to say, they’ve thought of that already, so the primary way to read Twitter (as well as write) is to do it via SMS text messages… although a web interface is also available for those of us that are… “texting challenged”.
So if any of that sounds interesting, you can find me under lurobi if you want to friend me.  Or I suppose you could find me under the same username if you didn’t want to friend me, but that would be kinda silly wouldn’t it.  You guys better friend me, because if I don’t find enough friends that use twitter, I might start militantly recruiting them so my life can be filled with short 140 char messages about random events.

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  1. Mom said, on February 15, 2008 at 17:06

    How can you be bored, with all the stuff you have to do?

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