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I’ve gone Far West

Posted in Uncategorized by lrobison on August 10, 2008

I am now officially moved in to my new place at Far West.  All that really means is that all my stuff is here, since my other lease ended today, but at best half of it is unpacked.  We had 10 days of overlap, allowing us to take our time cleaning out the old place.  The move was interesting – I rented a 17′ uhaul and moved all our stuff and all the girl’s stuff in two trips.  The girls had the opposite problem of moving out 10 days before the next lease started, and so they were couch surfing for a while.  Since they are now on the other side of Arvind’s and my duplex, it made sense for them to store their non-essentials in our garage at Bravosite (the name of the old place) until the lease on Shadow Valley started.  We are calling our new house Shadow Valley, and trying to stop the girls from calling us the “Shadow Valley kids club”.  So far we have been successful in preventing shirts with handprints and “move in day” painting on it… but we can only hold out for so long, since there are 3 of them, and 2 of us.

While the actual move went on without a hitch, I seem to be having pretty bad luck since the move.  The duplex didn’t come with a washer or dryer, but did have hookups.  Rather than renting one I decided it might be wise to go ahead and purchase a pair from craigslist so I can take them with my to my next place.  Not two hours after I paid for them, and half way through the second load of clothes, the pump seized up causing the motor to spin in place on the belt producing a sweet burning-plastic scent to add to the aroma of the laundry detergent.  After siphoning out the water in the basin, we managed to pull the pump out and order a replacement.  Hopefully it will be here soon, and hopefully that was the only problem.

The next day, while Lindsay was cooking for us– Side note here: living next to Lindsay of Apron Adventures turns out to be an awesome choice!  But as I was saying, while Linday was cooking for us, the stove decided it had had enough of this whole “cooking thing” and wanted some time off.  Aparently using the stove was a bit much for the wiring in this house, and it decided to short out in a nice series of pops followed by a slightly familiar burning smell which, for some reason, now makes me think of fresh laundry.

My troubles were not over yet, because I discovered the motherboard I just ordered for my new computer came in with a faulty SATA controller.  I’m really hoping is good with returns to different addresses, since I had it shipped to my old house the first time.

Three problems in like 4 days… I had hoped that 3 was the magic number.  You know what they say, trouble comes in threes and all.  Well, not for me.  Yesterday after driving through austin on a particularly hot day, my car decided to start pouring out antifreeze all over my drive way.  I’ve since refilled my coolant system, and let my car idle for a few minutes, but didn’t see any leaks.  I’m not sure if thats good or bad, since I could at least find the problem if it presented itself again.  Don’t tell mom and dad, but I was kinda wishing my entire radiator was busted and I would just have to buy a motorcycle ;-).

So in conclusion, Shadow Valley seems to be a great house, with a nice yard and sweet neighborhood.  We’ve been watching the doe and two fawns that enjoy feeding in our back yard every morning, and Lindsay’s cooking is far better than what we had been doing on our own.  Work is right around the corner and we keep finding new friends that live up in this area, so we won’t be lonely.  I’m really just hoping going to work tomorrow doesn’t provide a 5th tally to my list of troubles :-P.

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