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first days of class

Posted in college, UT by lrobison on January 19, 2007

The weekend is here, and I’ve had Thursday and Friday classes.  But since Thursday morning was cancelled, and two of my MWF classes don’t have F classes, I don’t feel like I know how my semester is going to go.  The Physics I think should be fun.  We walked in to him playing Metallica on the room’s sound system, and he kept telling random stories and wanting to “shoot the shit” during his office hours.  Differential Equations is going to be a tough class, but it’s tought by a hilarious guy that reminds me of Jack Sigler from back home (in his early 80s, random, Texan).  Linguistics is already interesting, and the professor seems okay, but the classmates will be the most entertaining.  There is one anoying girl, one funny/interesting lady (in her 50s), and of course the lovely Elissa who will be helping me with my papers :-).

Now on to the possibly-more-interesting-but-definatly-sadder news.  My car was broken into last night.  someone tried to steal my radioThey tried to steal the radio, but only ended up smashing the center console and breaking things.  The cops did their little CSI thing, but didn’t get any good fingerprints from my car or the other truck who suffered the same fate.  repairs on the glass are already amounting to just under $200, and the console will never quite fit right again methinks.  They bent out the 1/4″ steel harness that holds the radio and A/C controls… I’m not sure i can bend it back with the tools I have.  I might have to have it fixed… probably a another couple hundred >:(.  I could have bought them 2 new radios for that much.

Its been a while

Posted in apartment, college, UT by lrobison on September 10, 2006

The dust is clearing as the school year picks up speed. some noteable occurences, in no paticular order (loose reverse chronological)

  • Longhorns loose against the buckeyes. a sad day indeed.
  • I dropped spanish and added government. I didn’t need the spanish class, it was for my own benifit, but I realized that one more semester of spanish is really only going to translate into extra 6 months before I forget it all. Its cynical i know, but its true since my memory sucks. This also has the side effect of clearing friday of any classes. wooho!
  • I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Alamo Draft House. They put on quite a show and made what is truely a terribly-good movie well…. terrible yet so so good.
  • Grandma turned 66. I visted her in New Braunsfels, and somehow got elissa to come along. twas fun.
  • We threw a party to let everyone know where we are and to see all our friends again. it was a success and we had about 50 people here over the course of the night. A large percentage of the people were females we hadn’t met before. Mission Accomplished.
  • We attended Rob-Andrew-Fritz’s house party soiree. They have a three story duplex and a gehto couch. thats all i have to say about that.
  • Jess Andrew and I went drinking at Nasty’s bar and win the Miller contest for a new man law: “A man may admit to being less than 6 feet or less than 6 inches, but not both”. The result was a pitcher of Miller after we had already downed 2 pitchers of Shiner. so we basically had a pitcher each. weeeeee!
  • John invited everyone to go tubing with him on the comal in New Braunsfels. Only Elissa and I took up the offer, but we were joined by brian later. Oh tubing, how i love thee.
  • I’m helping a grad student do some pointer analysis research by getting some things to compile in his environment. I might try to get on some of Lorenzo’s distributed systems. those sound interesting.

Well with all that out of my system, maybe I’ll go back to regular updates. First thing on my list, take pictures of the apartment next time its clean (expect that after we move out).

gearing up

Posted in college, San Antonio by lrobison on August 7, 2006

After Ultimate Frisbee I was starving and a hookah sounded nice, so i slipped on down to the number one SA hookah bar cafe: Shisha’s. I looked around for anyone sitting alone when i got there (hooking alone is just boring) but didn’t see anyone, but after I got my oh-so-yummy falafel wrap this girl came up and asked if I was eating alone and if I wanted company. I joined her at her table with and was introduced to some new friends: Pricilla (the friendly girl) and her two cohorts Chis and Joscelyn. Turns out we are all bored here and San Antonio, and we are all moving up to Austin for school on the 19th (actually pricilla is going to Baylor). We talked for probably 2 hours just about random people and UT and austin, and eventually come to the conclusion that we should have a going-off-to-austin party next week. It was such a random event meeting 3 people and becoming good friends because we all felt so bored in San Antonio. It really made my week to find more people like me in San Antonio, especially people I can hang out with in Austin too. Anyways, I’m happy and (somehow) not quite tired yet (work starts in 7.5 hours). New friends are so cool

mmm beeeer

Posted in college, San Antonio by lrobison on July 5, 2006

The Gangso now I’m 21. My birthday (the 3rd) was on a monday, and the following day was the 4th so it was a holiday for everyone, meaning I had a perfect set up for a party. People leave after work on monday, party monday night, and go home after sleeping in on tuesday. So I invited the whole crowd, and most of them made it. Mike even drove all the way down from Decatur (TX) way up north. The best part of the night was in no way the alcohol. Sure that made it fun, loosened us up and all that, but the best part was the friends. We had a blast talking and making jokes around the bonfire, cutting down dead trees with the axe, shooting fireworks at each other. We spent almost the whole night outside, and alex nearly killed us with an ‘artillery shell’ that he dropped in the middle of our seats. The blast sprayed pretty blue fire 10 feet in all directions, but we scattered fast enough that no one got hurt. The pully on my treehouse was also a big hit, and jeremy thought he could lift himself up by putting his foot in one loop and pulling on the other, but the effect was more like catching an animal in a trap, and he quickly was flipped upside down with his foot in the air. Everyone laughed at him, and elissa decided to prove he was an idiot by doing it the right way, but she failed equally spectacularly. The entire night was filled with laughs, and i think the group picture captures it perfectly. The next morning no one was too hung over, we were mostly just tired, so we napped and watched the shuttle launch and napped and watched the world cup until everyone had gone home. It was the best 4th of july ever

really really long post that covers so many things i can’t name it

Posted in college, dorm, Houston, random, school, UT by lrobison on May 7, 2006

Disclaimer: much of the content of this post is incredibly stereotypical college-student. It is also exteremly long, and i have resorted to writing it in emacs rather than on elissa's web browser since her dsl line, her browser, and her computer are all in cahoots to erase my article (they did it twice)

Finals week:
Finals are upon me, I must study when i can, and sleep only after that. This results in me being up all night wednesday, sleeping all day thursday, studying all thursday night, and then sleeping a good portion of friday.

I wake up around 7 and round up a gang to go eat. On the way out, I see gilbert in boxers. Oh yeah! its no pants day. As soon as we get back from all you can eat pizza, Rob and I loose the pants (his jeans are still in my room… heh). Since it's my room i take the extra time to put on boxer briefs under my boxers (don't want anything to unexpectedly pop out :-P ).

Looking to celebrate I gather caroline and claire and along with rob we head out to the hooka bar to relax in our pantsless state. We get lots of "whats with the uh… the… um…. why are you wearing boxers?". Normally somone else would be around that knew it was no pants day, and would inform the person about our fight against the evil pants.

By 11:30, Rob and I were ready to hit the party going on in Andrew and and Frit'z room on the third floor of my dorm. I tried to get the guys on my floor to go, but they had all been asleep since like 4pm (they too had been studying all night… or, in some cases, gaming). Rob and I went up and found andrew's room well populated with people playing drinking games, along with a keg in the corner. The keg had been smuggled up the stairs, since no one there was 21. Rob and I managed to convince most of the guys in the party to take off their pants, and the idea even trickled down to a few of the girls. Okay, just one girl, but i still count it a success. The room had over 25 people in it at one point, and after I left alex was convinced to do a keg stand. That was after 3 guys ran down stairs in boxers and dragged him upstairs to the party and away from his video game.

let me emphasize how college-esq this night was:

  • I had been studying nights and sleeping days
  • I ate all you can eat pizza for dinner
  • I went to a hooka bar
  • I went to a kegger party in the dorms
  • I did most of the above sans-pants

In fact, 80% of the people i saw after 1am weren't wearing pants (even though no pants day was officially over).

Wake up at 12, and eat breakfast with mike and alex, and FINALLY manage to convince somone to go to the new gregory pools with me. There are tons of hot girls there, and at least 5 or 6 guys in speedos. We were excited about the former, not so much the latter. We made fun of one of them who for a solid 30 minutes was putting on tanning lotion or something alone in a section of girls, and doing it in a very slow and sensual way. We avoided him and his speedo, by visiting the hot tub on the other end of the complex, but are quickly joined by two more people from the speedo club. card carying, butt-crack-showing members. We tried to avert our eyes as one of them decided to change in the middle of the patio, mooning the entire pool. Mike wasn't quite as fast as Alex and I, and has been scarred for life. It was even more awkward later that day when we saw him walking past kinsolving. I mean what do you say to guy like that… "hey man, i saw your butt a few hours ago at the pool – nice place no?"

Saturday afternoon I decide to come visit Elissa one last time before she cavorts around europe without me. I kinda got lost getting there, but found a senic state park along the way… pretty close to austin. Lost Pines or something like that. (no… NOT lost maples). Anyways, i was welcomed with a kiss from elissa and a bowl of nice japanese steamed rice from her mom.

Sunday (today):
Elissa treats me to a place called the Hobbit Hole. Where we buy the India Pale Ale named after the same ship Elissa is named after. It is the most tasty beer ever, and has almost a lemonade flavor to it. I get a sandwich which is like 40% avocado. The plan was to come back today, but elissa managed to change my mind with food, ice-cream, and coffee. I better get that french toast i was offered tomorrow morning :-9