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Posted in geeky, morse, school, UT by lrobison on January 28, 2008

I’ve been working a lot on a research project for one of my Professors which has most recently involved a lot of compiling on an old Sun (we need the 16GB of memory available on it :-) ).  I spent literally two days trying to compile omnet++ and the INET suite.  I finally managed to get it working after some consultation with the #solaris channel on freenode.  Therein lies the problem.  I think I’ve just dragged myself into irc by finding the #hamradio channel.  I think ham radio is my nerdy guilty pleasure.  By idling in that channel I’m finding out all sorts of interesting things, and again reviving this latent desire I have to get a ham license.  For now, I may have to learn CW so I can use cwirc:

This semester has been interesting so far, but I’ve been focusing a little bit too much on my research at the expense of my other classes.  I suppose that means I like the field I’ve chosen, so its not too bad… but I need to put some more time into studying for  GEO and EE.

On the party watch:

Last week – Chris turned 21… boat party on lake austin!  Chris knows lots of pretty girls.  It was a good night.

This week – superhero party?  This might be interesting.