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Posted in projects by lrobison on July 29, 2007

Ok, this is half reminder to me what i want to write, and half preview of upcoming posts.

In realizing that summer is almost over, I’ve suddenly become quite productive and actually managed to do a few projects.

I am replacing my speakers in my Pioneer CS-D9900 system… they are on order right now because the surrounds in the old 15″ subs were rotted out.  Just for curiosity, I repaired one of my old ones, and am going to compare it to my new one, and see how feasible a homemade surround is.

I fixed and reinforced the legs from my kitchen chair that chris roark broke.  This really isn’t so much of an impressive feat, but probably my first woodworking job all alone…. Actually, thats not true.  I invented a laptop stand for bed, which ended up looking exactly like this even though I’d never seen it before.  But it is my first furniture repair job.

I wrote a script for the winamp DSP plugin in an attempt to recreate the battlestar-galactica radio voice sound.  It just modulates the track you are listening into AM tunable up to wherever you want.  At 200Hz it sounds like the desired effect, at 20Khz, it becomes almost beyond hearing range.  It would be possible therefore to ‘hide’ a second signal down at baseband and basically broadcast an AM signal up at 18-20KHz.  Now “hide” might be a pretty strong word for it, because looking at your winamp EQ gives away that there is more activity up in the upper frequencies than should normally be there.  Further plans would be to make a setup (winamp or otherwise) where I could hide and retrieve signals in another file

My friends and I have been hanging out on IRC now for better communication.  Its great to have chatlogs all day because i leave irssi open in screen and log in either from work or from home and all my history is still there.  for those that don’t have that option, I would like to write a little chatbot that just spits the log back at you, and maybe even logs to a website.  This project hasn’t even begun to happen – so don’t expect anything soon.