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I’ve been working a lot on a research project for one of my Professors which has most recently involved a lot of compiling on an old Sun (we need the 16GB of memory available on it :-) ).  I spent literally two days trying to compile omnet++ and the INET suite.  I finally managed to get it working after some consultation with the #solaris channel on freenode.  Therein lies the problem.  I think I’ve just dragged myself into irc by finding the #hamradio channel.  I think ham radio is my nerdy guilty pleasure.  By idling in that channel I’m finding out all sorts of interesting things, and again reviving this latent desire I have to get a ham license.  For now, I may have to learn CW so I can use cwirc:

This semester has been interesting so far, but I’ve been focusing a little bit too much on my research at the expense of my other classes.  I suppose that means I like the field I’ve chosen, so its not too bad… but I need to put some more time into studying for  GEO and EE.

On the party watch:

Last week – Chris turned 21… boat party on lake austin!  Chris knows lots of pretty girls.  It was a good night.

This week – superhero party?  This might be interesting.

Morse Code Influences on Ham Radio Lingo

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I wrote this paper for my linguistics class. Since I did most of my research through the Internet, I thought I should post my paper back to the Internet. I also posted the paper in pdf form here: Morse Code Influences on Ham Radio Lingo

Morse Code Influences on Ham Radio Jargon

The origins of much of today’s ham radio jargon traces back to early codewords and usages of Morse code. Codewords are short sequences that are sent by encoding each character of the word in Morse code, and tapping out that Morse on the radio, just as you would send any other word. To understand the jargon used by amateur radio operators, one must first consider the origins of radio communication. Samuel Morse introduced Morse Code and the telegraph in the 1840’s and 1850’s, and his invention spread rapidly through the states, especially along railroad lines. In 1896 Marconi was the first person to send Morse code by radio waves, and amateur radio was born. By 1912 radiotelegraph had grown enough that Congress begun to regulate the frequencies available to amateur and private stations. These stations all used Morse until voice transmission was made possible in 1920, although Morse was still in common use through the 1950’s…


My schedule

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just fyi for everyone who might want to actually call me in person:

UPDATE: I dropped spanish for GOV310 (intro gov) a TTH class after EE316.  Now my fridays are empty!

my schedule

really really long post that covers so many things i can’t name it

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Disclaimer: much of the content of this post is incredibly stereotypical college-student. It is also exteremly long, and i have resorted to writing it in emacs rather than on elissa's web browser since her dsl line, her browser, and her computer are all in cahoots to erase my article (they did it twice)

Finals week:
Finals are upon me, I must study when i can, and sleep only after that. This results in me being up all night wednesday, sleeping all day thursday, studying all thursday night, and then sleeping a good portion of friday.

I wake up around 7 and round up a gang to go eat. On the way out, I see gilbert in boxers. Oh yeah! its no pants day. As soon as we get back from all you can eat pizza, Rob and I loose the pants (his jeans are still in my room… heh). Since it's my room i take the extra time to put on boxer briefs under my boxers (don't want anything to unexpectedly pop out :-P ).

Looking to celebrate I gather caroline and claire and along with rob we head out to the hooka bar to relax in our pantsless state. We get lots of "whats with the uh… the… um…. why are you wearing boxers?". Normally somone else would be around that knew it was no pants day, and would inform the person about our fight against the evil pants.

By 11:30, Rob and I were ready to hit the party going on in Andrew and and Frit'z room on the third floor of my dorm. I tried to get the guys on my floor to go, but they had all been asleep since like 4pm (they too had been studying all night… or, in some cases, gaming). Rob and I went up and found andrew's room well populated with people playing drinking games, along with a keg in the corner. The keg had been smuggled up the stairs, since no one there was 21. Rob and I managed to convince most of the guys in the party to take off their pants, and the idea even trickled down to a few of the girls. Okay, just one girl, but i still count it a success. The room had over 25 people in it at one point, and after I left alex was convinced to do a keg stand. That was after 3 guys ran down stairs in boxers and dragged him upstairs to the party and away from his video game.

let me emphasize how college-esq this night was:

  • I had been studying nights and sleeping days
  • I ate all you can eat pizza for dinner
  • I went to a hooka bar
  • I went to a kegger party in the dorms
  • I did most of the above sans-pants

In fact, 80% of the people i saw after 1am weren't wearing pants (even though no pants day was officially over).

Wake up at 12, and eat breakfast with mike and alex, and FINALLY manage to convince somone to go to the new gregory pools with me. There are tons of hot girls there, and at least 5 or 6 guys in speedos. We were excited about the former, not so much the latter. We made fun of one of them who for a solid 30 minutes was putting on tanning lotion or something alone in a section of girls, and doing it in a very slow and sensual way. We avoided him and his speedo, by visiting the hot tub on the other end of the complex, but are quickly joined by two more people from the speedo club. card carying, butt-crack-showing members. We tried to avert our eyes as one of them decided to change in the middle of the patio, mooning the entire pool. Mike wasn't quite as fast as Alex and I, and has been scarred for life. It was even more awkward later that day when we saw him walking past kinsolving. I mean what do you say to guy like that… "hey man, i saw your butt a few hours ago at the pool – nice place no?"

Saturday afternoon I decide to come visit Elissa one last time before she cavorts around europe without me. I kinda got lost getting there, but found a senic state park along the way… pretty close to austin. Lost Pines or something like that. (no… NOT lost maples). Anyways, i was welcomed with a kiss from elissa and a bowl of nice japanese steamed rice from her mom.

Sunday (today):
Elissa treats me to a place called the Hobbit Hole. Where we buy the India Pale Ale named after the same ship Elissa is named after. It is the most tasty beer ever, and has almost a lemonade flavor to it. I get a sandwich which is like 40% avocado. The plan was to come back today, but elissa managed to change my mind with food, ice-cream, and coffee. I better get that french toast i was offered tomorrow morning :-9

two down

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hey networks: you got PWNT. actually i know i missed a CRC calc and a Key Distribution Center protocl. but thats like 8 points out of 100 or something. Hopefully those two tests will make up for my probably B in SPN :-( – then if i get an A in automata, i can have like a 3.8 GPA.

*returns to studying for spanish*

what is this? it is nothing!

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“seriously, the set of computable numbers is countable! you can arrange them all in a series – what kind of set is this?! yt is nah-thing!!”

-lifshitz (read with a russian accent)
on computable numbers vs uncomputable numbers. basically every number you can begin to describe is computable, yet there are infinitely more uncomputable numbers.

one down

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I think I pwned that graphics test.
Now i’ve got my spanish project to work on and my network test to study for, both due tomorrow. Today has been fun though, chilis with the spanish class was sweet, and lainie millar is a lot of fun to talk to, and we stayed talking for like an hour afterwards. It was definatly worth the plasma I gave so i could go :-D. I’m going to miss that class. Off to work now, I have to have a slide or two to make for michelle before 11 – in an hour. I’m also fixing carolines computer in exchange for some spanish proofreading.

feel good

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I just introduced Jeremy to pop-rocks.
hes never seen them before.

he loves them.

mmm…. all nighter with jeremy

worst thing in the world

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when you can’t stop lauging in class…. for a solid 15 minutes
… must…. distract…self….by…..writing…in….blog….

EE 316

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Its official – i just got all forms turned in. I have no more Electrical Engineering 316 class. I Q dropped it so i could focus on spanish and graphics.

Currently I feel very motivated to try to do perfect on my spanish final and get the A that was said to be “very difficult to get at this point” by my spanish prof. Getting a semester of A’s would make me feel justified in dropping a class. Lets see if I can maintain this motivation level and pull it off.